TEMPIST FUJIT (a play on the Latin word Tempus Fugit meaning Time Flies) 
VOCALS - Lisa Walters, GUITARS - Doug Gordon, 
BASS GUITAR - Raniera Littlejohn, DRUMS - Chris Butler
 A 4-piece dynamic rock band from Northland New Zealand.
Having created a sound that captures a wide range of individual genres creatively placed into the bands signature solid rock style with powerful lead vocals and hard-hitting live performances, when thinking of new music and were to start TEMPIST FUJIT is the place to look.
Their first live performance as an original band in 2017 came in the form of a Sold Out show for their first single release Midnight Train followed by their second single Daynes Song which gained over 30,000 views on social media within the first few weeks of its release.
TEMPIST FUJITS long anticipated Debut Album “Time Flies” was released in November 2018 to another Sold Out Audience and has taken the band on the road to promote the album and their latest single Home released November 2019. “Each song from the album is a representation of the vast musical and personal journeys taken by each band member to date.” Says Lisa the Lead Singer of the TEMPIST FUJIT.
2021 Tempist Fujit Launched their latest Single "FALLEN" with a New Online Show
"Tune in with Tempist"